Thursday, December 31, 2009

Signing off

To those who have read this diary over the past three years, thank you for your interest. I am, however, finding it difficult to say anything new about living here, so this is my last post. Cahors is no longer an exotic experience for me, although I am content to be here.

The socialist administration at la mairie wastes less money than the previous rightist one - and is derided by the good old boys for being boring. Personally, I don't miss the expensive glossy mags in my mailbox that told me how splendidly the old guard was doing.

La crise americaine hasn't hit us very hard. The Lot has long been one of the poorest departments and unemployment is well entrenched. On a positive note, the tourist industry here did well last summer, as fewer northerners went abroad for the obligatory long vacation.

It still feels close to the land here. We want to believe the signs that state that our veal is raised sous mère, unlike that that comes from crates in Holland. We can still get local pork from pigs that saw the light of day, unlike most in Spain and England. There are, however, rumours that the goats that produce the milk for our signature cheeses live their lives indoors.

The variety of foods available can be expected to be smaller in an underpopulated rural area, but as the supermarkets now focus only on low prices nationwide, our choices have become even more limited. Many of the better quality items that made Carrefour my preferred grocery store have disappeared from the shelves. Sure, we'll always have duck and red wine to console ourselves with.


Blogger Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Why have I not discovered this blog before?

I am sorry you have stopped publishing, but I am enjoyed past pots.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Mimi from French Kitchen said...

That should be I am enjoying past posts.

9:13 PM  

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