Monday, November 23, 2009

Swing Machine

Cahors no longer has a university, but it has a good music school and music flourishes locally, ranging from pipe organ to choral to jazz of all kinds. I have yet to appreciate the mish-mash that calls itself the Blues Festival, but I fondly remember a trad jazz performance in the music school and an organ/choir concert in the church of St. Barthelemy (better acoustics than the cathedral).

This past weekend saw the 40th birthday of a local big band called Swing Machine. The anniversary concert was packed out with an audience of grey beards to toddlers: jazz is for families here. Count Basie would have approved of the excellent pianist. Many of the saxophone, tuba and trumpet solos were also well up to snuff. The second half of the concert featured Chloé Cailleton, a nationally known jazz and scat singer: shades of Ella Fitzgerald.


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