Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Autumn arrived bang on schedule.  Children are back at school and the French tourists have gone.  Quite a few Brits are still to be heard, enjoying the consistently sunny afternoons. For our part, we are glad to have our town back.  The markets are half the size of a month ago and there is room to bump into friends and time to chat to stallholders without a crowd waiting behind.  The wild mushroom season is in abeyance, as there has been little rain this summer, but there are plenty of vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The local tourist industry says that this was a good season.  Perhaps fewer Parisians went to the islands and more came to the provinces; certainly there were flocks of campervans on the roads this summer.  As for non-seasonal employees, just a few more were laid off than taken on. Despite la crise americaine, life goes on as usual.


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