Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour de France

The Tour came to Cahors on the nicest day of the year so far. The city was almost empty - just a few tourists here. It was easy to find a front row spot by the route. Restaurants in the city all appeared to have spare tables for both lunch and dinner. The market on the following day was also relatively unpatronised. Those of us who had decided to stay behind had a great time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


A full year since the City dug up the main parking lot to build a multi-storey replacement, work on the foundations is just beginning.  The on-again off-again architectural dig that delayed progress turned up a 15th century pitcher. There was some excitement over the small archways which might have been part of the basement of a Roman amphitheatre, but in a town that was an important Roman outpost and which today sports significant Roman remains above ground, that's hardly enough to justify the damage to the local economy.  Many retail stores have closed in the past year, as customers cannot find parking within walking distance.

Cahors stumped up the fee for a start of this year's Tour de France.   A lot of money has been spent on resurfacing streets and spiffing up the pavement outside la Mairie. With all the parking in town gone, outlying streets are being cleared for the media caravan on the big day.   We'll see who can get into town for the bun fight.