Wednesday, June 20, 2007

French roast

There are, of course, Americans who believe that the British eat English muffins and that what we all recognize as pizza was invented in Italy, but many more will be surprised that the French roast coffee that spread from Berkeley via Seattle to America is generally unavailable in France.   I took a sample of my favourite Peet's French Roast beans to the local coffee roaster.   He was polite, but opined that the oily beans had been enrobée (dressed) with something before roasting (Peet's denied this when I called them).   He gave me a sample of his best beans as a quid pro quo.

The traded French coffee was good, but not close to Peet's French Roast.   I am told by a friend that the local merchant never tried the beans I gave him.   It's widely believed that the French public will never buy anything new and so why bother to try to sell it to them?