Saturday, October 14, 2006

Occitan (continued)

A barely legible sign hangs from a disused railway bridge near here. OCCITAN LENGA OFFICIELLE it says. This is not in pure Occitan, as "l'Occitan lenga oficiala" is the plea of the estimated 6 million Occitan speakers for official status for their language; maybe the French officielle is to guide the rest of us. Occitan signs appear locally from time to time, and in 2000 there was a large demonstration in Toulouse for Occitan as an official alternative language (which it was indeed during the Turin Olympic Games).

My friend the former police chief of Cahors spoke only Occitan until he went to school, where nothing but French was tolerated. His grandparents spoke Occitan and never learned French.


Anonymous jacmetolosa said...

mercés per aqueste web d'informacion de cara als angleses, escosseses, gaelics, e autres britanics que an mestièr de saber sus la lenga occitana.
@ lèu, Jacme []

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