Friday, July 14, 2006

Bastille day

Out here in the provinces, firework displays are often scheduled for the evening of the 13th July, not on Bastille Day itself. Many communes cancelled their displays this year, because of the elevated fire danger in this hot dry summer. Cahors did not. The city fathers have sabotaged the retailers by digging up the parking lots and driving the tourists away, so robbing the locals of les feux d'artifice was not an option.

The display started 25 minutes late, but the crowd hardly complained. The display was the same as last year - ragged start with a splendid finale - Mozart accompanying. But the crowd loved it and applauded. A display like this isn't bad for a city of 20,000 souls. Have to admire the sense of city pride, but can't wait for the bums in la Mairie to be voted out.


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