Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not so hot

It rained last night and today is cool and fresh. It's often said that Brits like to talk about the weather, but in la France profonde, the dependence of agriculture and fruit-growing on sun and water makes weather a prime source of conversation here too.

Construction work stops both for cold and heat. Perhaps some of the city fathers' projects will inch towards completion now that the heatwave is taking a break. Four of the mini-roundabouts that punctuate Cahors are being remodelled, yet again, and so traffic slows to a crawl. Today, the remaining free car park was cordoned off for a week-long pétanque competition. As the main car park has been out of action for most of the past year (supposedly to let archaeologists look at some roman remains, but that's questionable), Cahors is not worth driving into. If you have to come here by car, leave it in one of the car parks ouside the boucle and take the free shuttle bus in.


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